Facebook Auctions

I have been trying something a little different lately and I have been posting some items on our facebook page as auction items...
this is a wonderful way to try and pick up some quality stash for your creative cupboard for an awesome price!

I set the stage with a photo of the item for sale, give a description then set a starting price... auctions are usually live for approx 24hours only with items not sold being placed on the website at full price... so if something interests you why not place a bid you never know you just may get a great item at an even greater price... winner does pay postage which usually isnt much more than $6.75 worldwide for the fabric packs and can be a little more for heavier items (if your not sure about the postage just message me for more info-I will need a location to work out the best price for you)

here are some samples of what we have sold already and the lucky bidder only paid $20 per pack...RRP AU$50  what a bargain!

Desert Rose SOLD for $20 RRP $50

Blue Silks SOLD for $20 RRP $50
Why not stop by today and see what we have available 

see ya there soon


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