Pimatex no longer available???

"Whats this you say?? Did I hear right?" you ask.... Yes from what I can gather Robert Kaufman has decided to finally discontinue the wonderful Pimatex Parfait from his line of fabrics only special order now I believe and I would have to order quite a bit to qualify... why I cannot tell you  but I can say this...."Fear Not"!! I have done extensive research and have found a 100% Cotton Fabric that is based on the same Pima Cotton Fiber (same as the Kaufman line) and it is equally as good AND even better its re-orderable...... 

FYI ~ Pima cotton broadcloth is the ideal cotton fabric: soft, robust and straightforward and replaces the Pimatex by Kaufmans. This plain weave material comes in a dainty light pink color similar to "Parfait", it combines the incomparable strength and soft hand of premium Pima cotton with the multiple uses of broadcloth. This handsome lightweight fabric is just right for cloth doll skin and it dyes well. I prefer this fabric for its smooth finish and tight weave which means less popping of the seams.


The Pima Broadcloth takes over from the pimatex and is comparable in colour, weight and smoothness of finish making it the ideal replacement fabric; in fact it is so close in texture that you wouldn't know it was a different fabric! 
A Bit of Trivia ~ Pima cotton, also called Extra Long Staple (ELS), is a type of cotton grown primarily in the southwest region of the United States, Peru, Australia, and a few other countries. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton, and is extremely durable and absorbent. Pima cotton is named after the Pima Native Americans who first cultivated the plant in the US, but its origins date back to its cultivation in Peru. 
Pima cotton has long threads which is the same base as used in the manufacture of Pimatex by Kaufman and is often used in the manufacture of Egyptian cotton products...  In sourcing I have tried to stay as close to the original fabric as possible so you can still get the same great results as you did with the Kaufman Branded product.

Designer Cloth Doll Patterns are on sale!!!

Gee seems like I am making up for lost time LOL 3 times in one day WOW!! 
Just thought you might like to know I have had a tidy up of the website (let me tell you its a work in progress But I do enjoy it...) and I have quite a few designer patterns that I have marked down for sale. You can save $3.00 off the marked price. This Prices will hold until all stock is gone!!! This discount has already been applied so all you have to do is go and pop the designs of your choice into the cart... its as easy as that!... get in quick while stocks last. These patterns are all by award winning artists such as Michelle Harrold, Linda Misa, Suzette Glastonbury Rugolo, Delys Brady and Rhonda McGinnity...


There are lots of Patterns by each  designer so you are sure to find something you like....

had to brag again!!

Grandma wants to brag LOL.. My grandson Mikael turned 6 months old this week and my daughter sent me some photos of our little treasure... just had to share one that made me smile...  he sure loves his boxes...

my Xerox baby

Something New for August...

I am so excited!!! I have finally found a supplier for Round Acrylic Doll eyes... and they come in a wonderful range of colours.... These are now going to be available on the website as a separate item for purchase... or if you want the colour as part of a kit, its simple, just email me and request the colour you want and I will add it to the kit of your choice...
I have ordered a taster in so if you see a colour you like order it quick so you dont miss out... you can reserve your colours now as they are up on the website. I expect these to arrive sometime before the end of August 2010.
Acrylic Eyes

The eyes shown above come in several sizes and for now I only have 14mm, 16mm and 20mm These will al be at the great low price of $12.95 Any colours marked SPECIAL on the website will be priced at $13.75

crystal colour eyes

The eyes shown above are the Crystal Range. These are only available in 16mm at present at the great price of $13.95 a pair.

All colours shown in both groups are on order and will be arriving very soon. I expect these to sell quickly but the great thing is I can reorder so if you missed out the first time let me know I will get some in for you...

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