Something New for August...

I am so excited!!! I have finally found a supplier for Round Acrylic Doll eyes... and they come in a wonderful range of colours.... These are now going to be available on the website as a separate item for purchase... or if you want the colour as part of a kit, its simple, just email me and request the colour you want and I will add it to the kit of your choice...
I have ordered a taster in so if you see a colour you like order it quick so you dont miss out... you can reserve your colours now as they are up on the website. I expect these to arrive sometime before the end of August 2010.
Acrylic Eyes

The eyes shown above come in several sizes and for now I only have 14mm, 16mm and 20mm These will al be at the great low price of $12.95 Any colours marked SPECIAL on the website will be priced at $13.75

crystal colour eyes

The eyes shown above are the Crystal Range. These are only available in 16mm at present at the great price of $13.95 a pair.

All colours shown in both groups are on order and will be arriving very soon. I expect these to sell quickly but the great thing is I can reorder so if you missed out the first time let me know I will get some in for you...

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