Look I have been playing too...

remember the new eyes I have in stock? well I just loved the new colours so much I had to play! LOL I have been sitting at night making a few head from one of Pam Grose's designs in my spare time and these are what I came up with...The eyes I used were the rose crystal, the aurora cobalt and aurora green. I just love the new colours they are so vivid...
Aurora Green eyes and Rose Crystal both 16mm

 I think the lil guy on left looks like a samurai... I wanna see where this goes, maybe he will look better when he is painted?

I used the cobalt Aurora eyes 16mm
 I am really happy with the way this head turned out. I have been working with a slightly different technique from what Pam does but the results are fantastic

Trying the baseball stitch... works great!!

I even practiced the baseball stitch I told you about earlier... I cant wait to see these finished but it may take a while. I even got to dress one of my nakie fairies last week LOL, she has been wearing paper towels for modesty for almost a year now. I will try to organize photos of her soon

Cool Stitch...

This cool tutorial caught my eye the other day for a baseball stitch which I think would be quite useful in a pinch for closing seams ... you can find out more by following the link under the photo (copy n paste into new browser)


She also has quite a few other tutorials available too... check it out.
Thanks Joanna.

Something special for you!

I just want to say Thank You!!
to all my wonderful supporters and to this end I will be having a random draw for a gift voucher to be spent at www.fabricaddictions.com at the end of September to say thank you to everyone for their support. I would not be where I am today without you all.

The only thing you have to do to qualify is to visit fabricaddictions.blogspot.com and become a follower (you may even leave a comment or 2 if you wish) and the lucky recipient will win $20 to spend in store at  www.fabricaddictions.com

PS...This voucher can be used on anything from the website except for orders already in the system and cannot be exchanged for real currency.

This months draw will take place on the 30th of September so get in quick for your chance to win...

??Did you know that we can also create a custom gift certificate for your needs? So.. If you are looking for some yummy addictions for friends or family or you simply want one for yourself ... you can purchase a gift certificate and buy what ever you need whenever you want... These can be valid up to 6 months and you dont need to spend it all at once... why not let your family know you would like one for the holidays... these can be put toward ANYTHING on the website... yes even classes and specials.

Gift Certificate

Time Flies!

My gosh time flies when you are having fun... a whole week went by and I was too busy to notice... why? you ask, well its because I have been working my lil tush off getting some new e-Patterns organized for you to play with and I had a ball doing it.... 

I have a couple of new designers I have been working with we are slowly but surely getting there.
I cant wait any longer to tell you whats coming I am so excited...

we will soon be listing a few designs from Stephanie Novatski, one of which is her beautiful trio of mermaids "Neptune's Daughters" and her newest design "Year of the Witch" these are just too cute! 
Year of the Witch by Stephanie Novatski

Dont forget her online class "Weeping Will" is still available but will be closing soon. Stephanie is an extremely talented lady and has won many awards for her awesome dolls. She has just come in first at the latest Hoffman Challenge with her gorgeous Knight with a dragons head.

We also have a new designer Caroline Erbsland... Caroline is another one who loves her embellishments and has 6 designs which will be available shortly... more on that later

Cinderella by Caroline Erbsland

This is just the beginning and once I sort all these out I will be working on several designs from Michelle Harrold to be released as e-Patterns  wooohooo she even has a new pattern available... You will only be able to purchase Pam Grose's and Michelle's designs as e-Patterns exclusively from www.fabricaddictions.com

Be on the lookout for a new freebie coming soon.

Manic Monday

New e-Patterns available

Wondrous News!!! We have just received 2 new e-Patterns and an online class from Colleen Babcock. If you haven't heard of her She is an awesome designer living in the UK!

In stock now and available for immediate download are...

Fathoms a deep sea Mermaid... very gothic and gorgeous!!

Fathoms a Deep Sea Mermaid e-Pattern

and also 
Snowflake and Spider sprite a fabulous 2 in one pattern...
Snowflake and Spider Sprite e-Pattern

Both can be found in the e-Pattern section of the website and are available for immediate download...

Also Colleen has agreed to teach one of her gorgeous dolls "Bea in her Bonnet" an Awesome doll for beginners to advanced doll makers...  

Bea in her Bonnet Online Class at www.fabricaddictions.com

This class is due to start 4th February 2011 and reservations are being taken now. If you are looking for a fabulous gift for yourself or a loved one why not order an online class or purchase one our lovely gift certificates from the website so they can satisfy their doll making addictions.

The first person to comment will receive one of the 2 e-Patterns (their choice for 1/3 off the RRP price)

So you want to know how to make a skin wig for your doll.... FREEBIE

I sometimes get customers asking how to make a wig from the Tibetan lambswool that I carry. So as a show of appreciation for your support I am posting this Free mini tutorial...
it is by no means the only way of doing this but its the way I have discovered works best for me.
I use paper towelling to create cheap templates. It smooths into tight areas allowing darts to easily form thus creating a unique template to the project I am working on.
First I take and measure my dolls head. Measurement 1. Is going from the base of where one ear starts across the top of the head to the base of the other ear. (Or about where the ears would be of your doll had them) Measurement 2. is taken where the hairline at the top of the dolls face starts to the back at the nape following the center seam line. For the example we will say these are 5" and 2".
Take a piece of paper towel measuring 5" x 2" and fold to match the 2 shorter ends creating a fold line down the center of the towel. Mark the CFF (center front forehead) and CB.
Place this on the bald head matching these CFF and CB marks to the appropriate spots on your dolls head and pin in place to hold. Press down towel smoothing as you go to get a snug fit pushing excess fabric toward the back. you should notice some darts forming... this is good and will create a custom fit for your doll. Make sure you create a dart either side of the CB mark. Finger press these darts into place to make crease lines and remove towel from the dolls head.
Lay out flat; can you see the creases in the dart areas? You need to cut these out to create your template. It should look something like the diagram below...
turn this edge up at least 1/8" and glue in place to secure
Choose which edge will sit at the front then Fold the CFF edge at least a 1/8" and glue down with good quality fabric glue. Let dry. You need to lay your template onto the skin side of your lambs wool and trace around the template marking your CFF.
Once you have traced out the lines take a scalpel and gently score the skin only until the blade just breaks through. You do not want to cut too deeply at first or you may cut the fibres resulting in bald patches on the wig... not a pretty sight!
Match the seam lines together in each dart and whip stitch or ladder stitch closed. Do not do this too tightly or the wig will not fit. Once you have tied off your threads you can now either sew or glue the wig into place on your doll. Voila!! Now all that's left is to style the hair and add some pretties and you are done... You can add lace, beads or silk flowers for bling as shown in the example below

Why not leave a comment and tell me what you think??
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