Time Flies!

My gosh time flies when you are having fun... a whole week went by and I was too busy to notice... why? you ask, well its because I have been working my lil tush off getting some new e-Patterns organized for you to play with and I had a ball doing it.... 

I have a couple of new designers I have been working with we are slowly but surely getting there.
I cant wait any longer to tell you whats coming I am so excited...

we will soon be listing a few designs from Stephanie Novatski, one of which is her beautiful trio of mermaids "Neptune's Daughters" and her newest design "Year of the Witch" these are just too cute! 
Year of the Witch by Stephanie Novatski

Dont forget her online class "Weeping Will" is still available but will be closing soon. Stephanie is an extremely talented lady and has won many awards for her awesome dolls. She has just come in first at the latest Hoffman Challenge with her gorgeous Knight with a dragons head.

We also have a new designer Caroline Erbsland... Caroline is another one who loves her embellishments and has 6 designs which will be available shortly... more on that later

Cinderella by Caroline Erbsland

This is just the beginning and once I sort all these out I will be working on several designs from Michelle Harrold to be released as e-Patterns  wooohooo she even has a new pattern available... You will only be able to purchase Pam Grose's and Michelle's designs as e-Patterns exclusively from www.fabricaddictions.com

Be on the lookout for a new freebie coming soon.

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  1. gorgeous.i love the witches .i just brought my first ever patten and beginners kit from your store.i have never made a doll before so hopefully i will get it.and im looking forward to making mine.i love fairies too.


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