Look I have been playing too...

remember the new eyes I have in stock? well I just loved the new colours so much I had to play! LOL I have been sitting at night making a few head from one of Pam Grose's designs in my spare time and these are what I came up with...The eyes I used were the rose crystal, the aurora cobalt and aurora green. I just love the new colours they are so vivid...
Aurora Green eyes and Rose Crystal both 16mm

 I think the lil guy on left looks like a samurai... I wanna see where this goes, maybe he will look better when he is painted?

I used the cobalt Aurora eyes 16mm
 I am really happy with the way this head turned out. I have been working with a slightly different technique from what Pam does but the results are fantastic

Trying the baseball stitch... works great!!

I even practiced the baseball stitch I told you about earlier... I cant wait to see these finished but it may take a while. I even got to dress one of my nakie fairies last week LOL, she has been wearing paper towels for modesty for almost a year now. I will try to organize photos of her soon


  1. wow the eyes look amazing.i love the realness of them

  2. Those eye shapes are amazing, and I LOVE the rose colored ones!

  3. They look great Di - also, I can relate finaly dressing the fairy :) Bronwyn


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