So you want to know how to make a skin wig for your doll.... FREEBIE

I sometimes get customers asking how to make a wig from the Tibetan lambswool that I carry. So as a show of appreciation for your support I am posting this Free mini tutorial...
it is by no means the only way of doing this but its the way I have discovered works best for me.
I use paper towelling to create cheap templates. It smooths into tight areas allowing darts to easily form thus creating a unique template to the project I am working on.
First I take and measure my dolls head. Measurement 1. Is going from the base of where one ear starts across the top of the head to the base of the other ear. (Or about where the ears would be of your doll had them) Measurement 2. is taken where the hairline at the top of the dolls face starts to the back at the nape following the center seam line. For the example we will say these are 5" and 2".
Take a piece of paper towel measuring 5" x 2" and fold to match the 2 shorter ends creating a fold line down the center of the towel. Mark the CFF (center front forehead) and CB.
Place this on the bald head matching these CFF and CB marks to the appropriate spots on your dolls head and pin in place to hold. Press down towel smoothing as you go to get a snug fit pushing excess fabric toward the back. you should notice some darts forming... this is good and will create a custom fit for your doll. Make sure you create a dart either side of the CB mark. Finger press these darts into place to make crease lines and remove towel from the dolls head.
Lay out flat; can you see the creases in the dart areas? You need to cut these out to create your template. It should look something like the diagram below...
turn this edge up at least 1/8" and glue in place to secure
Choose which edge will sit at the front then Fold the CFF edge at least a 1/8" and glue down with good quality fabric glue. Let dry. You need to lay your template onto the skin side of your lambs wool and trace around the template marking your CFF.
Once you have traced out the lines take a scalpel and gently score the skin only until the blade just breaks through. You do not want to cut too deeply at first or you may cut the fibres resulting in bald patches on the wig... not a pretty sight!
Match the seam lines together in each dart and whip stitch or ladder stitch closed. Do not do this too tightly or the wig will not fit. Once you have tied off your threads you can now either sew or glue the wig into place on your doll. Voila!! Now all that's left is to style the hair and add some pretties and you are done... You can add lace, beads or silk flowers for bling as shown in the example below
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