Online Class updates with Colleen Babcock

 "Bea in her Bonnet" by 
Colleen Babcock

A fabulous class for anyone wanting to add to their repertoire of doll making skills. A gorgeous beginners doll or what ever stage you are at.  

You will learn all the steps needed to complete this lovely doll. 

Class Starts on 4th Feb 2011. Everyone who pays for the class will be given one entry into the draw to win $20 off the class cost of $60 (To be drawn on 18th Feb) The winner will have the choice of: 
1. a refund to their original payment method (cc or PP)
2.Can be taken as credit for stock purchased from the website (shipping costs apply)

This promises to be a great class with Colleen. Please Dont miss your chance as sign ups close soon.

Follow the link to sign up for this class "Bea in her Bonnet."

New Book has arrived

I was in town today taking care of family stuff like shopping etc... and as I was leaving went to check the mail like I always do... well imagine my surprise when the postal worker handed me a box full of the most gorgeous books... I placed my order for these ages ago and didnt expect them for another month at least...

WOW!!! this book is beautiful!

Introduction to making Cloth Dolls
Jan Horrox 

back cover pics

Fun and imaginative, this guide to cloth doll-making demonstrates how to create exquisite and stylish dolls that make wonderful gifts or collectibles. 

A great way to use up scraps of material, the dolls portrayed in these projects are made using a wide variety of colorful fabrics, trims, ribbons, and buttons.
Complete with useful diagrams; this 196 page book contains colour photographs, diagrams and clear, step-by-step instructions for making hands, feet, and faces; and templates for all other body parts.
This creative resource provides the means and the inspiration to make gorgeous dolls that are full of character.

Projects range in difficulty and are suitable for everyone, including beginners, more experienced needle crafters, textile artists, and fashion designers.
  A great addiction to any doll makers library

Sherry Goshon has come to play woohooo

I am sew excited! I have 3 new e-Books from a designer we all know and love...
Sherry Goshen.

first up, everything you ever wanted to learn on how to do Fabulous Faces using watercolour pencils? Well, do we have the book for you!
Sherry has put together a wonderful book that covers every aspect of colouring a face. From adult to child, and she even includes a few ethnic colourings as well.
This book has many colour step by step pictures to help the reader along, it is the next best thing to having the teacher right there with you.

what you can expect to find in this book:-

Division of Faces…
Adult Caucasian Face…
Child Face…
Asian Face…
African American Face…
Hispanic Face with more details for coloring…
Color chart...

Water Colour faces by Sherry 

The second book "7 Virtues" is full of gorgeous costuming techniques following a style I love... Illusion costuming..
There are 7 projects and these come with all the basic templates you need to complete each doll. A very informative booklet for any devoted doll maker.

7Virtues by Sherry Goshen
Finally we have Sherry's newest addiction to her collection
"Sew you want to know how to make a cloth doll"
This awesome book takes the doll maker on a journey of discovery.
Sherry takes the time to share what she has found over the years that works for her and any little secrets that help make the learning process just a bit easier. This book has two body patterns…One that is very beginner and one that is a bit more complicated for the intermediate… This book covers everything you need to know including pictures to help you along.
Here is a glimpse into the content of Sherry's book:

*Fabrics for bodies
*Dying your own body fabric
*Turning tools
*Stuffing tools
*To joint or not to joint
*Simple needle sculpting
*Basics on the face
*Simple dressing of the doll
*Making doll body 1 (pancake doll with separate head)
*Face on your doll
*Dressing your doll
*Hair on your doll
*Making doll body 2 (with mitt hands/separate fingers)

Dollmaking by Sherry Goshen
Just an example of the 2 doll patterns available in this book

All of these books are selling for AU$21.00
but for this week only I am offering them to my FB and Blog Addicts 
for 11% off the RRP 
Please use the code SGSPECIAL11 (please use code as you see it or it wont work) This discount only applies to Sherry's e-Books and will not work on anything else.
The code is valid for one week only and will expire midnight 25th January 2011.

More great stuff from Michelle Harrold

For those of you who have been waiting so patiently
I have uploaded 5 more of Michelle Harrold's designs.
Michelle is a wonderful designer and she pays close attention to detail in both the costuming and embellishing side but also the instructions which are easily understood.

these are all available for download now from the website... 
and are now selling for only $11.00 each 

Desiree Dragonfly Fairy

Fafelina Butterfly Fairy

Monyka Mulberry Fairy

Mystral the Mermaid

Valerie Forest Fairy

Eastern States Flooding...

It is heartrending to see and hear what the eastern states (Queenlsand, New South Wales, Victoria and even parts of South Australia) and Canarvon (West Australia) even down to Railton, Tasmania
 are going through with all the flooding... 

even though we are not directly affected I have had customers email me with their concern for us and am very touched and grateful for the kind thoughts...  

If you wish to donate PLEASE follow this link..

These people do a tremendous job and need all the help they can get.

Thank you once again for your concern.

Something for you

for one week only expiring on 12th January enjoy 11% off your next order at (conditions apply: this discount is NOT applicable to online classes, gift certificates, fabricaddictions kits nor can it be applied to shipping or orders already active in the system) in order to receive the discount you must use the code HAPPY2011 exactly as you see it or it wont work.  happy shopping...

Online Classes

A Fabulous start to the New Year and A new class to start February 4th. Wooohooo

Bea in her Bonnet by Colleen Babcock

Bea in Her Bonnet
Bea is entirely made of cloth and measures 14” long from her bonnet to her pointed fairy toes when she is posed in her jar.  With the help of over 130 photographs illustrating the making of your own honey fairy, you will learn how to make every detail of Bea in her Bonnet.  Special emphasis is paid to drawing, sculpting, and colouring the face.  Plus, learn some fun techniques using a heat gun to make a Tyvek or Fibretex hat and felt wings.  Not much good at woodworking?  No problem.  We’ll teach you a simple, quick and easy way to make a wooden honey dipper with no tools at all!  It’s like magic – fairy style!

This is a fantastic design that will suit all stages of doll maker from beginner to advanced.
Colleen is a very talented teacher with a fabulous sense of humour. Sign ups will be closing soon so get in now so you dont miss out.
Click on this link to learn more

having time to play

I know I promised a while ago a picture of a doll I was finishing well.... Drum roll please...... here is the doll I was working on "Basic Woman" designed by Pam Grose .. I had some yummy sequined lace in my stash from which I cut the motifs and layered them over the dolls nakie body (poor girl has been nakie for quite a while as I thought about ways to dress her) and finally it came to me...  
Basic Woman Pattern by Pam Grose

Do your dolls talk to you? I know mine talk to me telling me they want this or that or noooo would be caught dead in that.... LOL I mean really who is in control here??

Any way I am finished and am quite happy she is now dressed in her pink finery... I think a pair of lovely wings are called for though and will have a play soon to create them..
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