New Book has arrived

I was in town today taking care of family stuff like shopping etc... and as I was leaving went to check the mail like I always do... well imagine my surprise when the postal worker handed me a box full of the most gorgeous books... I placed my order for these ages ago and didnt expect them for another month at least...

WOW!!! this book is beautiful!

Introduction to making Cloth Dolls
Jan Horrox 

back cover pics

Fun and imaginative, this guide to cloth doll-making demonstrates how to create exquisite and stylish dolls that make wonderful gifts or collectibles. 

A great way to use up scraps of material, the dolls portrayed in these projects are made using a wide variety of colorful fabrics, trims, ribbons, and buttons.
Complete with useful diagrams; this 196 page book contains colour photographs, diagrams and clear, step-by-step instructions for making hands, feet, and faces; and templates for all other body parts.
This creative resource provides the means and the inspiration to make gorgeous dolls that are full of character.

Projects range in difficulty and are suitable for everyone, including beginners, more experienced needle crafters, textile artists, and fashion designers.
  A great addiction to any doll makers library

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