having time to play

I know I promised a while ago a picture of a doll I was finishing well.... Drum roll please...... here is the doll I was working on "Basic Woman" designed by Pam Grose .. I had some yummy sequined lace in my stash from which I cut the motifs and layered them over the dolls nakie body (poor girl has been nakie for quite a while as I thought about ways to dress her) and finally it came to me...  
Basic Woman Pattern by Pam Grose

Do your dolls talk to you? I know mine talk to me telling me they want this or that or noooo would be caught dead in that.... LOL I mean really who is in control here??

Any way I am finished and am quite happy she is now dressed in her pink finery... I think a pair of lovely wings are called for though and will have a play soon to create them..

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