New Online class available

Boy are we lucky!!
Angela Jarecki is going to do an inline class for us...

Saika an asian bust style doll

Saika... click on the picture to find out more
Class is only AU$45 and will be an ongoing class which starts very soon... 22nd October 2012

Saika, which means a flower full of color, came about from my love of drawing faces! I wanted a way that I could work on various ethnic faces and features,  that was more than a sketch, yet not quite a full blown doll. I hated the thought of so many bodiless dolls lying about, so I turned her into a bust!
Saika is approximately 6” tall, when made totally from cloth. 
Angela will teach her sculpting method along with embellishing ideas to complete your Bust.

This is a fabulous class if you want to learn how to do asian style faces and came about from Angela having a heap of spare heads floating around ... so she decided to Dress em up and display them!

hone your skills in sculpting and colouring
find out more here...
there is even an optional kit available which can be found here...

come n join us in whats sure to be a fun class...
why not treat yourself or someone you love... this class would make a fab gift

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