something I was working on this last week....

I made this cake for my niece's bridal shower. 
It was inspired by a cake class I took with Collette Peters who is awesome BTW...
My niece loved the cake and I had heaps of fun doing it... was a challenge thats for sure especially the cage whiuch I had to do 3 times, finally got it right and was able to transport it with out any breakages... AWESOME!
Bottom layer was dark chocolate fudge cake with chocolate Italian butter-cream and raspberry filling YUM!, top 2 layers were vanilla/coconut  fudge cake with vanilla butter-cream and lemon/passion fruit curd, Double YUM!. both were covered in dark and white chocolate ganache before the fondant was applied which made the cake uber moist and extra yummy! Ya can never have too much chocolate I say!!!

Gum Paste peony with brush embroidery

Cage cake inspired by Collette Peters...


  1. WOW! Never seen a cake like that! Impressive!

  2. Thanks Sharon... had a lot of fun too... this is what I do in my "spare" time LOL


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